Saturday, August 22, 2015

Portland Smells Like a Giant Barbecue from the Smoke of Many Forest and Brush Fires

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting

"Wind brought smoke from wildfires burning across the Pacific Northwest to the Portland metro area Saturday morning.
Portland Fire & Rescue said it received numerous calls from residents reporting smoke in the area.  Smoke is expected to increase throughout the day as winds travel approximately 26 miles per hour from east to west.
The Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group reports that wildfires have been active for 67 consecutive days with 43 currently active wildfires across Oregon and Washington. More than 875,000 acres are burning across the Northwest.
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality reports that Portland’s air is of good quality, although air east of Canby is of moderate quality. Air quality in areas of Eastern Oregon is categorized as unhealthy due to heavy smoke from nearby wildfires."
A couple of views from the road in front of my house in Happy Valley, which is a southeast suburb of Portland.

In the first picture Mt. Hood is completely obscured by the smoke. The second picture is a view south into the valley. When I went to my daughter's house this morning, which is located just to right of the second picture, in the valley, my eyes burned and watered from the smoke.