Saturday, May 21, 2016

What I wrote for the Democratic Party's brochure of delegate candidates

The Democratic Party of Oregon will distribute a brochure to those who attend the congressional district conventions on June 4 that will contain lists of the candidates to be delegates to the national convention and also will contain ads by at least some of the candidates. The ads cost $25.00.

Ads are limited to a 1,000 character piece about the candidate and a 500 character piece about what the candidate will do for the Democratic Party after the convention.

Here is the picture I am using and what I wrote:

I have been a volunteer leader, organizer & speaker for Bernie Sanders since the summer. As he says, it is up to us to make this revolution occur so that government works for everyone.

I supervised canvassing of HD51 and HD48 for the Bernie campaign with 2,500 doors knocked on. I have helped many progressives become active in the party and will do so in the future. I am helping to grow this revolution from the ground up and from the inside.  As a District Leader I can help other progressives inside the Party make the rules and the nominating process more democratic and more inclusive.

True blue Berners, Lisa Ortiz, Valdez Bravo, Cheryl Fisher and Dan Riker will stand up for Bernie and the political revolution.

Graduate of Johns Hopkins and the University of Baltimore School of Law. Have been a journalist, attorney, corporate exec, CEO, bookseller and author of three novels and a nearly finished book on progressivism. Widower. Daughter, son-in-law and grandson also live in Happy Valley.

Bernie Sanders shows the enormous appeal of progressive ideas among younger people. For continuing success, the Democratic Party must become more progressive, more attuned to all Americans. My delegate candidacy is part of my effort to grow progressivism inside the Party and truly address our major national problems. 

After the convention I will recruit more PCPs and Neighborhood Leaders in my District 51 to campaign for the Democratic ticket and defeat Donald Trump and every other Republican.